Intimate, luxurious, surprising, we help you create the universe that will sublimate your wedding

Our decoration service is entirely made to measure.


Creation of the room decoration project or Creation of the room and exterior decoration project




Creation of the decoration project for the Secular Ceremony


Installation of the decoration on the wedding day (or the day before as needed)


Uninstalling the decoration

The decoration projects we offer contain boards of inspiration and shopping lists. Depending on the projects, we can make certain decorations or offer you some decorative elements for rental.

The prices do not include the raw material, the rental of the decoration or the removal of the decoration.

The decoration of your wedding must match you, it expresses your history and your personality. It is important that you recognize yourself in the decoration of your wedding. Sober, simple, refined, luxurious, colorful, a multitude of decoration is offered to you.

The role of the Wedding Designer

The role of the Wedding Designer is to create your wedding decoration project. He completely thinks about your decoration and takes care of the perfect harmony of all of your decorative elements.

Power of proposal, the Wedding Planner tailor-made each project. Listening, it takes into account your tastes and desires.

Between the room to decorate, the flowers to provide, the exteriors to decorate, it is not always easy to calculate the budget that represents your decoration and it is even more difficult to manage it. The Wedding Designer is there to assist you in managing your decoration budget.

Why should you hire a Wedding Designer?

Are you short of ideas for wedding decoration? Do you feel lost and don't know where to start? The Wedding Designer is by your side to help you.

The Wedding Designer is also there to help you if you know what you want, but you do not know how to link all the decorative elements between them. Finally, if you run out of time, you can entrust the management of your wedding decoration to your Wedding Designer.