What does a wedding planner do?

The wedding planner helps you organize your wedding. Present at each step of your wedding preparations, the Wedding Planner is a real support for the bride and groom .


The wedding planner supports you in choosing your service providers . He searches for example the location of your wedding taking into account your criteria, advises you on the choice of your caterer, dj, photographer, etc. He manages the budget, creating your wedding decoration project.

Conductor of your wedding, the wedding organizer installs your decoration , coordinates your D-Day or welcomes and guides your guests on the wedding day.




La Mariée Rosae, your wedding planner


At La Mariée Rosae, we work with two wedding planners on each wedding. We follow you in each important stage of the organization of your wedding. All our services are entirely tailor-made for your couple: from D-Day coordination to organization from A to Z, we are at your side to help you.

Over the course of our wedding organizations, we have discovered wonderful providers that we are making you discover. Of course, we do not impose any provider and are always looking for the rare pearl that will match you.

Our profession of Wedding planner

It was in 2018 that we became wedding planners . Our respective passions led us to create La Mariée Rosae. We accompanied dozens of couples on this great adventure.

Passionate, we draw our inspiration from your story to organize the wedding of your dreams .



Before the wedding

Before the wedding, the wedding planner accompanies you month after month in all the important stages of the organization of your ceremony . He advises you and helps you manage time.

It helps you find all of your providers. He works with you to choose the decoration of your wedding. It helps you to create a harmonious universe in your image.

It helps you manage your budget. Your Wedding Planner listens to you, it guides and ensures that the retro planning of your wedding is respected.

Shooting photo couple de mariés

The day of your union

On the day of the wedding , the wedding planner takes care of the decoration of your wedding hall and your secular ceremony, if you plan to celebrate one.

He coordinates all providers. That is to say, that the wedding planner checks for you that everything is going as planned on the provisional planning of the wedding. It welcomes your guests to your wedding location.

Discreet , he is present until the end of your wedding evening.

In case of unforeseen events, the wedding planner takes care of their management.


Where can you get married in France ?

All over France! We recommend you the charm of the South of France, the unmissable Paris or the romanticism of the Loire Valley castles.



Typically, couples use a wedding planner 1 year or even two years before their wedding day.


At La Mariée Rosae, we advise you to use a wedding planner when you feel the need. This can be at the very beginning of your project or a few months before your ceremony to help you see more clearly.

If you want to use a Wedding Planner and you don't have a place yet, we still advise you to take it at least a year in advance.

If you feel completely overwhelmed as you approach your wedding you can also seek the help of a Wedding Planner. Just keep in mind that the sooner you do it, the more choice and flexibility you and your Wedding Planner will have.


Our wedding planning services are entirely tailor-made . We adapt to the progress of each project.



The first contact, where to start?

Tell us about your desires , the wedding of your dreams ... just about anything that comes to mind. The more information we have, the better we can guide you in organizing your wedding. Date of marriage, desired type of service, place of marriage, number of guests, budget, all of which will help us to immerse ourselves in your desires! Our role as Wedding Planner is to support you in your wedding planning project.


How to contact us ?

By email or phone, it's as you feel!


07 55 63 16 07
Envoyer un mail à mon Wedding Planner

A discussion with your Wedding Planner

Why meet? Because each wedding project is different, we attach great importance to knowing each couple before starting the preparations for organizing your wedding.

It is also an opportunity for you to get to know us and ask all the questions that come to mind.

This meeting is of course free and without obligation!

We do not send you a project proposal at this stage. These moments are only used to get to know and validate or not our collaboration.

This meeting can also be done via skype or simply by phone or email, it's as you feel!


And after ?

The feeling is gone with your wedding planner and you want to continue the adventure with us?

As soon as the quote is confirmed, we start working together!

It is then that we come back to you with our first proposals.

Are you afraid that our proposals do not meet your expectations? No fear, the first steps will have allowed us to immerse ourselves in your project , and we continue our research until finding the rare pearl for you!